The mythology conference sponsored each year by the International Association for Comparative Mythology has proven to be quite good. The amount of diversity achieved is remarkable and experts well versed in different aspects of mythology are brought together from all parts of the world.

The association’s 16th Annual International Conference on Comparative Mythology was held on August 21-25, 2023 in Tulsk, Ireland at the Rathcroghan Center. The primary themes were “Violence and War in Mythology and Religion” and ” Mythology and Community.” Given the location of the meeting, a special topic was “Celtic Mythology.”

The 15th Annual International Conference on Comparative Mythology took place on June 7-11, 2022. It was held in Belgrade, Serbia, at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The theme was “Sacred Ground: Place and Space in Mythology and Religion.”

Mythology conference

The stated mission of IACM is to:

Research the various forms that mythologies have taken in history and prehistory, including their use in ritual, and their presence in archaeological remnants as well as in various religions, while making use of philological, linguistic, genetic and other scientific methods deemed relevant.

Study the origin and spread of the mythologies of all human populations.

Compare extinct and current mythologies as to discover their peculiarities and origins.

Take steps to ensure the survival of endangered forms of mythologies worldwide.

Disseminate such research through publishing articles, books and other materials.

Conduct public meetings for lecture and discussion purposes; to offer correspondence courses over the Internet and other media.

Develop curricula for other educational institutions.

The officers of the International Association for Comparative Mythology are:

President — Michael Witzel, Harvard University, USA

Vice President & Treasurer — Nataliya Yanchevskaya, Princeton University, USA

Clerk — Joseph Harris, Harvard University, USA

Secretary — Boris Oguibenine, Strasbourg University, Strasbourg, France


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Mythology Conference – International Association for Comparative Mythology

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